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What To Do About Cloudy Windows

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Let’s face it, at some point in the journey of homeownership; we are faced with cloudy and fogged windows. Over time, windows can develop condensation from moisture, giving them a cloudy or foggy appearance. Not only do cloudy windows decrease our home’s curb appeal, but they also may mean our homes are less energy efficient.

A cloudy window signals that the window’s seal is experiencing problems. If the seal of an insulated window isn’t preventing the glass from fogging, you will need to replace the window. Let’s look at what causes windows to fog and what can be done to correct the problem.

What Causes Windows To Become Cloudy

When your home’s windows appear cloudy, it is due to seal failure around the window most of the time. Newer homes are built with insulated windows that use two panes of glass with argon or krypton between the panes. These insulated windows increase your home’s energy efficiency as they allow for greater temperature control inside the house.

Almost all of these types of windows have an insulated glass unit inside of them that increases their energy efficiency. However, if the seal around the insulated glass unit begins to deteriorate or is busted, the result is foggy windows.

Elements That Negatively Impact Window Seals

Over time, the seals around your insulated windows will begin to deteriorate. When a window seal breaks and fails to perform its job, it is typically due to external elements that speed up the process of deterioration.


Windows are designed to resist most exposure to water, but water can negatively affect their seals in some cases. If your home has weathered a heavy rainstorm or flood, it is a good idea to check your window seals to make sure they are intact. A window’s perimeter seals are incredibly vulnerable to damage when exposed to abundant water and moisture.


Warm air expands, which means the air inside of your double-paned insulated windows could also expand and stretch the seals in extreme heat. While high-quality insulated windows can easily withstand hot summer days in high temperatures, continuous exposure to direct sunlight could hasten the seal’s deterioration over time.


Over time, you may notice your insulated windows are cloudy even after a thorough cleaning. After a few decades, old age deteriorates widow seals and seizes their ability to function. Window seals are tough, but they eventually give in to the extreme elements and continual use through time.

Purchasing New Windows

When your home’s windows begin to show signs of aging or disrepair, you will need to purchase new windows to ensure your home’s energy efficiency remains intact. Always purchase windows from professional and reputable window company’s that will provide detailed customer service and exceptional products.

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