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Three Important Aspects Of Financing Deals

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Windows and doors are big investments in a property. We know that not everyone can afford to pay upfront. We also know that it's not advisable to tap your existing equity in a home, or take out a home equity loan in order to get these projects done. Those sorts of things can impact your credit long-term, or cause you to miss out on future gains.

So we offer competitive financing for these purchases. Here are three ways that our financing makes a difference in what you can afford to have done on your property. Take a look and consider how these financing opportunities can work for you.

Low Interest Rates

First of all, we’re offering 0% for 18 months - that's a year and a half.

At 37 months, which allows you to pay over three years, you get a rate of 5.99%, much lower than many other kinds of shorter-term lending.

Or you can extend to 61 months, with just a 2% additional interest rate at 7.99%.

This is a fundamental part of how we offer better financing for our customers, to make it more convenient and affordable for them to fix up their homes for energy savings and more.

Reputable Financial Service Companies

It's also important to have a good reputable partner to do business with when it comes to financing.

Big auto companies have their own captive finance firms. We have Synchrony, a company with years of experience in the market, and a great reputation among both borrowers and lenders.

Online Tools

Here's another big part of offering the best financing capabilities.

You simply have to have some kind of online service footprint, because more people are doing their payments and bills over the Internet. The paper era has become obsolete and labor-intensive. Also, online systems offer more transparency about where borrowers stand at a given point in time.

So take a look at the online options you have when financing with us, to get the doors, windows and home improvement gear that you need. A good home improvement job puts value into your property – but you don’t want to go broke doing it!

That's a little bit about our excellent financing service. Browse the web and see what makes sense for your property. Our catalog was made with you in mind, and we excel at delivering these items for your home improvement plans. You really can get “Windowz 4 L3ss!”

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