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Single Hung Or Double Hung Windows?

Let's talk about one of the most common design choices that property owners have when they look at windows and doors.

After all, we’re in this business, and we deal with it every single day. We see people making these tough decisions – what do I want installed in my home? And we help them to make the decisions that can be surprisingly hard to make.

Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Modern windows have a lot of different designs and builds. So making a good choice can involve some brainstorming and some deliberation. It means thinking about how you want your building to be set up, both in the present, and for the future, for instance, in regard to future expansions.

Single Hung and Double Hung Windows: Choices

One prime example is this: do you want your windows single hung or double hung?

It's a big question, because it affects not only your energy efficiency and daily use, but what you think of as more convenient and more user-friendly.

Some people like the versatility of the double hung window. They can turn it different ways for cleaning, and they have more control.

But some people are really flummoxed by this type of design. One swinging piece of the window is enough for them, and they don't want the top portion double hung.

These modern windows can accommodate both styles according to what you feel is most intuitive for your home or business property.

Casement Windows

Another example is casement windows. Some people love that you can crank these windows open to a specific range of motion and then stop.

For others, casement windows are inherently frustrating and confounding. Some people really hate these types of windows more than you might expect. They want them to either be open or closed, and not cracked at an acute angle.

Do you like the casement window? And how will that figure into your building plan?

For these choices and more, take a look at what we have available. In addition to the above products, we have different types of doors and facilities for your property. We put together a great catalog for property owners who want to improve what they have, with better access to natural light and the outdoors.

It's all provided with the utmost of customer service to help you to get the most out of your property. Take a look and ask us any questions about this ordering process.

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