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Make Your Windows Burglar-Proof with These Tips

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Each year, over 2.5 million burglaries occur in the U.S. This equates to about three instances every 60 seconds. What’s even worse is that these are just the robberies reported. Burglars walk away with electronics, cash, jewelry, and your sense of security.

While burglars can easily walk through unlocked doors, almost 25% of break-ins occur through windows on the ground floor of your home. Since this is such a vulnerable entry point, it’s important to take steps to safeguard the windows and make them impenetrable.

Keep reading for some tips that will help you do just that.

Ensure Your Windows Operate Properly

Making sure you keep up with home maintenance is crucial. You must inspect your windows to ensure the sashes are in good, working condition. If your window frame is cracked or worn out, it will cost you more in terms of home energy costs. Additionally, worn-out windows are very easy to get open with a crowbar, making them a target for burglars.

Look at the Area Around Your Home’s Windows

Overgrown shrubs and trees offer the perfect hiding place for a burglar. Make sure you trim the foliage regularly. It may also be smart to plant thorny plants around your windows to make the area even more appealing.

You can also install motion sensor lights. Some people only point these at front walkways and driveways. However, you must think like a thief – they aren’t going to take the same path you do. Point your lights to your backyard and the dark corners in your yard.

Upgrade Your Window Locks and Make Sure to Use Them

Many home break-ins are crimes of opportunity. Only about 12% of robberies are planned ahead of time. If you crack a downstairs window and leave it open, it’s like a “welcome” sign to a potential intruder. Make sure you close and lock your windows. If the locks aren’t working, replace them, or replace the windows.

Connect Your Windows to Your Home Security System

It’s estimated that only 17% of homes in the U.S. have security systems installed. Those without these systems are extremely vulnerable to break-ins. You need to take steps to ensure others know you have a security system by putting a sign in your yard. Also, install window sensors. Hooking these sensors to your security system will let you know when a window is open or broken.

Purchase Higher-Quality Glass

Burglar-proof windows are going to have shatter-proof glass. This can be double- or triple-paned glass. This prevents “smash and grab” situations and increases home energy efficiency. If you don’t have this now, it’s probably time to think about upgrading your windows.

Protect Your Home with Quality Windows

If you want to ensure your home is protected from potential burglaries, be sure your windows are high-quality and that they are properly equipped to keep you safe. If necessary, invest in new windows, which will help ensure your home is not another cautionary tale.

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