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Fiberglass Entry Doors Are Best for Arizona Heat

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Fiberglass entry doors are one of the most popular options in America. While they have rightly earned their place in the line-up of choices, fiberglass entry doors have also proven to be the best option for Arizona homes. Your front door is your first line of defense against the harsh outer climate. Their large size gives them a massive impact on the comfort level inside your home. After years of trial and error with a multitude of different materials, there are several reasons why fiberglass entry doors are the best option for Arizona heat.

Energy Efficiency

When choosing an entry door for your Arizona home, energy efficiency is a big consideration. Fiberglass entry doors have some unique properties that make them one of the best choices for harsh climates. They fail to expand and contract with weather changes, making them more efficient than other options. Fiberglass is also a poor heat conductor which automatically giving these doors a higher R-value than those composed of other material. Their weather-resistant character helps minimize heat loss to keep your home cool and comfortable in the Arizona sun.

Durability and Security

As one of the higher-performing options, fiberglass entry doors can last many years with very little maintenance. They don’t rust or rot making them extremely durable. It’s not uncommon for a fiberglass entry door to look and perform like new decades after installation. The manufacturing process gives them their strength and provides a level of integrity unseen in other materials. These super-secure entry doors offer a degree of safety that will allow you to sleep soundly at night.

Styles and Colors

Not only are fiberglass entry doors secure, durable, and energy-efficient but there are tons of styles and colors to choose from. Your entry door welcomes visitors, and you want it to be inviting. You don’t have to sacrifice style for performance with a fiberglass entry door. They come in smooth or textured finishes and can even be painted over. Go for modern rustic or the warmth and beauty of a wood grain finish. The sky is the limit.

Whether you’re building a new house, or you’ve decided to upgrade your front door, Windowz 4 Less of Arizona has a fiberglass entry door to fit your style and budget. We offer factory direct pricing so we can pass the savings on to you. Contact Windowz 4 Less of Arizona today for a free in-home consultation to see how we can help you find the ideal fiberglass entry door for your home.

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