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Fiberglass Doors Are Perfect For The Arizona Heat

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

A home’s front door is considered to be its most welcoming feature. Everything from the style to the front door’s color can relay a lot of information to visitors. Front doors play double duty, however, hosting and protecting all in one. Many homeowners fail to realize the importance of a front door beyond its inviting appearance, but they play a significant role in saving energy. For Arizona homeowners, the material that exterior doors are made to make a big difference in its performance under extreme heat and sun.

High Functioning Fiberglass

Fiberglass doors have risen to be the most popular choice among homeowners in Arizona due to their variety in styles and ability to withstand harsh environmental elements. From their design to construction, fiberglass entry doors have proven to meet homeowners’ energy needs while exceeding their expectations.

Fiberglass is an extremely durable product that holds up well under harsh and extreme climates. In Arizona, this means extreme heat and harsh rays of the sun, as well as the arid and dry environment. Fiberglass doors also fare well in drastic temperature changes, such as cold nights and hot days, without losing their functionality. This is because fiberglass itself does not warp or swell in response to the temperature, unlike wood products that react poorly due to their natural materials.

Doors For A Lifetime

Designed to last a lifetime, fiberglass doors not only withstand the weather but also are resistant to rust and dents. Unlike steel doors, fiberglass is non-reactive to wear and tear, adding to its longevity and durability. Homeowners will find that through years of use, fiberglass doors will remain looking new and working correctly.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is also something that Arizona homeowners are increasingly seeking in the products they use in their homes. Fiberglass doors fit flush in their frames, keeping seals tightly guarding against airflow that could otherwise escape the house. The fiberglass itself is an excellent guard against airflow, which means that homeowners can have greater control over their homes’ temperature and can more easily maintain comfortable indoor temperatures without costly fluctuations.

Quality Matters

When choosing the right fiberglass door for your home, quality matters; at Windows 4 Less of Arizona, we offer only the highest quality fiberglass doors on the market today. Remember, your home’s exterior doors are essential to its protection as well as it’s curb appeal. Contact Windows 4 Less of Arizona today to find out how easy it is to replace your doors with high-quality, affordable fiberglass doors.

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